Annual Field Survey

UpdatedWednesday January 27, 2016 byNKYA Baseball.

NKYA Baseball does not own or maintain any baseball fields, however it is our responsibility to ensure that the fields and surrounding areas are kept in good functioning condition. It is everyone’s responsibility, not just umpires, managers, and coaches, to make sure that all the fields and facilities remain a safe environment for our players.

Prior to any practices or games being played, all fields and facilities should be inspected by the Equipment & Field Maintenance Director and/or additional board members as designated.

Fields should be inspected for the following:

  • Holes
  • Rough or uneven spots
  • Long grass
  • Glass
  • Any foreign objects
  • Damage to screens
  • Fences
  • Edges
  • Unsafe conditions around backstop
  • Pitcher’s mound
  • Dugout condition
  • Areas around Bleachers
  • Conditions of restrooms and restroom supplies
  • Concession Stand inspection