Walk Fields for Hazards Prior to Play

UpdatedWednesday January 27, 2016 byNKYA Baseball.

Umpires and coaches are required to walk the fields for hazards prior to play. Playing on muddy fields with wet equipment places the players at risk for injury. When in doubt “Reschedule” the game.

Game day inspection should include:

  • Looking for holes
  • Rough or uneven spots
  • Long grass
  • Glass
  • Any foreign objects
  • Damage to screens
  • Fences
  • Edges
  • Unsafe conditions around backstop
  • Pitcher’s mound
  • Dugout condition
  • Home Plate
  • Bases secure and at the correct distance (Refer to NKYA Baseball Bylaws) and/or Babe Ruth Rule book
  • Foul lines marked
  • Batter’s box marked
  • On Deck Circle Marked
  • Coaches Box marked