Player Safety

UpdatedWednesday January 27, 2016 byNKYA Baseball.

Coaches should inspect equipment on a regular basis, making sure it is in good working condition and fits properly. Defective equipment can be replaced by contacting the Equipment & Field Maintenance Director or any board member.

Additionally the following guidelines should be followed:

  • No games or practice should be held when weather or field conditions are not safe, particularly when daylight is inadequate.
  • Storms can develop very quickly. Please refer to NKYA Baseball League Lightning Policy
  • Batters must wear protective helmets during practices and games
  • Pitching machines should be in good working order and must be operated only by managers and coaches.
  • Catcher’s must wear a catcher’s helmet with face mask, chest protector, and shin guards
  • Male catchers must wear a cup at all times
  • Warm up catchers must wear a catcher’s helmet and face mask while warming up pitchers. This applies pre-game, during warm ups, and between innings.
  • Coaches shall instruct all players on safe sliding techniques
  • Coaches shall instruct all players on how to avoid a pitched ball
  • Bats should not be handled while in the dugout
  • Players must not wear watches, rings, jewelry, necklaces, or other metallic items during practices or games
  • Players who are injured or ill should remain under the coaches supervision until released to a parent or guardian
  • On Deck batters will only be allowed to be in the designated on deck circle
  • After a practice or game, coaches should not leave until all players have been picked up
  • Players should be instructed in proper stretching techniques and apply them prior to every practice or game
  • Horseplay is not permitted on the playing field or in the dugout
  • All players should conduct themselves in the appropriate manner on and off the field
  • Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide “Safety Glasses.”